About Us

Arco Interiors is a specialist in interior solutions providing full-scope turnkey interior design, fit out and furnishings. We are highly regarded for our ability to deliver cost effective, time efficient and high-quality projects

Our close-knit team of designer, architects, and engineers are able to translate client ideas into a successful project that work both aesthetically and Functionally.

Our in-house talent pool extends from operation Directors/ Managers, Project Engineers, Planners, Estimation, Commercial Department to over 150 skilled specialists.

Our History

Arco Interiors started its humble beginning as a Fit-Out Division of Arabian Company, a 100% locally owned company which was established in 1967 mainly as Furniture company. The growth of fit out division has then become evident with the growth of construction industry in the U.A.E.

To develop a competitive advantage and stay at par with competition, ARCO Interiors was then established in 2007 to provide specialized turnkey fit out solutions. Since the inception, ARCO has become one of the most highly sought after fit out contractor in the U.A.E. having delivered exceptional and complex projects.

Our specialized Divisions

ARCO’s mission is to fulfill each client’s requirements on every project. To ensure complete satisfaction, ARCO has developed 3 Specialized Divisions that will cater to different needs. Each division is comprised of high caliber professionals equipped with technical knowledge, skills and years of extensive experience in the industry.

Commercial Division
Specialized in Commercial Offices, Malls, Retails, Showrooms, Universities, Schools, and Nurseries.

Healthcare Division
Specialized in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories and Clinics.

Hospitality Division
Specialized in Palaces, Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Lounges, Food & Beverages and Museums.



On behalf of our Board of Directors, I am pleased to inform you that since its opening, ARCO INTERIORS LLC has delivered exceptional results that are in line with our expansion plans. We have achieved significant milestones through the successful completion of major projects across the UAE.

Our focus on growth strategies and our ability to secure new and pivotal ventures both in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Emirates showcases our strength in planning and deriving greater synergy from our Mother company, Arabian Co. LLC. It is also a firm testament to the Group’s efforts in forging further inroads into the flourishing UAE market.

Our long-term vision, strategic approach, execution ability and determination to be a significant player in the customized furniture, interior design & fit-out solution industry have been truly underscored by these efforts.

I sincerely thank our directors, management, and staff for their efforts beyond their call of duty and for their dedication in consistently reaching and delivering on our objectives. Gratitude must also be extended to the unwavering support of our business partners and loyal clients. We anticipate an exciting road ahead with expansion plans along many fronts, a strong order book and a forward-looking mindset that is always on the lookout for long-term growth opportunities.

I am confident that with the continued support of all, we will achieve all this and more.

Managing Director


The interior fit-out process is an overwhelming experience that requires us to incorporate luxury with finely crafted detail and an unwavering touch to the final finishes. This is to create timeless developments that are not just beautiful and current but to create livable spaces that you look forward to being in.

Our holistic approach integrates interior solutions of the highest quality with state-of-the-art technology. Our work environment radiates warmth and a personal approach, while the use of inventive materials, custom furnishings and own original artwork, defines our signature style.

“Editing is an important part of the process; finding out the exceptional details is what makes the difference between a project and a landmark.”



Arabian Group of Companies is a 100% locally owned entity founded in 1967. Mr. Ali Baslaib, the Chairman of the group, has been instrumental in introducing different subsidiaries that complement each other with the focused view of offering customers a one-stop-shop for all their interior turnkey solutions.

The Group’s subsidiary companies cover interior design and fit-out solutions, partitioning, flooring finishes, wall finishes, furniture (office/educational/hospitality/home), IT, storage and trading, to name but a few.

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